Step Up


One step up, one step down. Two steps up, three steps down. Well, actually, this piece of writing is not about learning how to dance. It is about what happens in our lives. We go up and down through journey we are walking. There’s a success and failure. There’s a happy and sad time. Sometimes, we reach the top, but not for so long, we fall to the zero.

When we fall, we become depressed. We see nowhere, no more steps, no light, no future. We get hurt, and deep there in heart, there’s pain deep down inside. We wish that the earth would stop to go round, and life would stop to go on.

We’re just afraid to take another step forward again. We are scared of failing. We don’t want to get hurt again. But are we sure that we don’t want to see the world up there?

We forget that we are still living. We still have life. And life still continues. Thus, if we don’t get up, we will fall deeper and deeper. So step up and up even it is down once a time or many times, still go up and up. I am not that quite outstanding at math, but if we are down for 5 times, and we get up for 6 times at least we still remain on the stair. To be on the stair, we need to keep walking because today we are not walking on just the stair anymore. We are running on the escalator. If we stop walking, we will fall behind.

Recover is good. But better than that is to recover fast. Once we are down, take time to recover and be fast. Then stand up and keep moving. You know what? There are many extraordinary and beautiful things waiting for you. So be positive, be strong, and dare to step up.


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