Being an Imperfectionist

Perfectly Imperfection

“Everything needs to be PERFECT!,” people say. But they’ve done nothing to fit their words.

Everyone of us like perfection. We like to do things perfectly, see things work out and come out perfectly. It is the fact that perfectionism is good since it makes us feel great, superior, and outstanding. However, nothing is perfect in this world. Thinking of being perfect just makes all of us become lazy and put things off. Why? Because when we think of perfection, we imagine a ton of work need to be prepared, a long period of time need to be paid attention on, a good and nice feeling have to be appeared, and the right mood is required to deal with those tasks, yet they just never happen. Additionally, these ideas just cause us feel unready to start things due to the reason we are afraid that we can’t perform the works well. There will never be the right time and adequate time for us to start doing things we have or want to do. We are always busy. We are busy with this, with that and never have time to start doing what we want.

In contrast, imperfectionists who dare to be the worst become the best and who dare to face issues in front of them becomes starters. They dare to fail. They dare to try what they’ve got though there will be lots trails and errors, they learn from them, whereas non-starters will have nothing to learn since they don’t even start, and shamefully they consider themselves more superior and wiser than those who always commit mistakes. Plus, it comes out that imperfectionists are the ones who get closer to the term successful than those who try to called themselves perfectionists and keeping things away all the time. When they begin, they always have time to improve their works from time to time from the worst to worse, from worse to bad, from bad to fair, and so on an so forth till it can lead to a great work, who know? So don’t look down the power of imperfection.

Again being perfectionists, it just demotivates us, instead of motivate. We work hard and wish results come out to be perfect; however, when they Β are different from what we expected, we often feel bad, upset, or even angry with ourselves, and begin to doubt about our abilities. Perfectionists will never satisfy with everything. They always complain about this about that. They always found mistakes occurring everywhere they go, everything they see and hear. Oppositely, imperfectionists will learn to accept things surrounding them which can’t or hard to be changed through time. They always feel happy because they always be grateful with their outcomes which they already knew they might not be exactly what they want. They are happy with their imperfection. They feel good with who they are, what they have, and do in the present time and work hard to be better for the future.

To sum up, being a perfectionist just means being an undoer and a demotivator while choose to be an imperfectionist will provide us lots of chances to learn through, build up our potentials, always be happy and become doers.


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